My New Project


Hi, you’re probably here because you heard me talk about my new project in which I’ve committed the next 2 years of my life to. is a marketplace that enables virtual tours and services on demand to any part of the world. It is the world’s first marketplace for live streamers. It allows people to monetize their live streams by connecting them with people who need to view a specific geographic area in real time. It uses apps like Periscope, Skype and Google Hangouts to virtually take you around the world. Are you relocating to a new city and want to check out the neighborhood before you sign a new lease? Maybe you want to ask a local residence of the city you’re moving to for advice, or simply do research on rent prices? How about just to get a live view of a public event you’re unable to attend? Want to visit a college campus by hiring a college student to take you around and give you his/her honest opinion of the University before you apply? The possibilities are endless and the cost is a fraction of the price of traditional methods. Join today