• Digital Marketing Campaigns

    These campaigns primarily consists of a series of web banners in conjunction with html email blasts. Everything is designed according to specific brand guidelines and with a uniform theme in order to keep consistency and familiarity within the campaign.
  • Corporate Poster Design

    Poster design series for a corporate event with a Texas Hold'em theme. The idea of this project is to have a series of poster with a consistent theme displaying a strong relationship across all of them. The over all look becomes the face of the event and additional collateral can then be developed such as invitational emails, postcards and post event materials.
  • Email Blast Design

    These email blast designs are intended to catch the viewer's eye and capture their attention while at the same time maintaining an elegant and modern look to them. In addition, these emails are a mixture of images and HTML in order to guarantee maximum delivery and avoid spam filters.
  • Movie Themed Trade Show Event

    In this project a movie theater theme for a trade show is implemented across a number of promotional pieces. These pieces range from posters, flyers, signage and even movie theater tickets. The same color scheme and imagery is used across all pieces in order to create cohesiveness among all of them.
  • Suplex Tacos Branding

    Suplex Tacos is a "Lucha Libre" or wrestling themed restaurant which specializes in quick-service made from scratch Mexican Food. In this logo a profile view of a mask is used to identify the theme of the restaurant. The thin lines and curves of the logo represent shapes found in nature to symbolize the use of fresh and healthy ingredients served in this restaurant. The all lower case letters in the main part of the logo are meant to give a relaxed and casual feel to the place. Various adaptations of the logo were also created in order to make it fit in different applications.
  • Beyond Borders – Haiti Needs Your Help

    This Beyond Borders promotional ad was created during the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 2010. The country's flag is used as a backbone of the entire design so that it can catch the viewers eyes. A series of powerful images are used in the background in order to illustrate the tragedy that had just occurred. These images were placed in key places so the viewer can see them before finishing at the bottom right corner of the piece and reading the final message.
  • Corporate Event Collateral

    Full color poster and flyer design for a private corporate event with a football theme.
  • Tahona Grille Branding

    The Tahona Grille logo represents the identity of a upscale restaurant. The font used has hard edges and straight lines in order to keep it simple yet still show elegance. A Tahona is a large round stone which is used in the process of making tequila and it's often pulled by mules in a circular motion, this is displayed by using the letter "o" to mimic the shape of the round Tahona.
  • Lucha Fever Hot Sauce Packaging Design

    The Lucha Fever Hot Sauce is one of the hottest hot sauces out there and this is displayed by using strong colors such as red and black. The design is balanced by the use of a green color which sits opposite in the color wheel to red. At the same time the design complements the overall image of the company it represents.
  • Loyalty Card Design

    This loyalty card was design with the overall image of the restaurant in mind. The design had to fit with other current designs such as website, flyers, menus, etc. The front side image was used to catch the eye and also serve as an advertisement instead of just a loyalty card. The color scheme matches the company's colors and gives it an overall unity.
  • Latino Film Festival Poster Design

    The colors of these posters are very bold and festive which are iconic to the Latino culture. These posters are intended to illustrate film and the Latino culture at the same time.